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Homeschool Admissions

Faith Christian Academy Homeschool provides support and a system of accountability for parents who desire to educate their children at home. Students who are enrolled in FCA are considered private school students and do not register as a homeschool student with the County. Our Homeschool Office will endeavor to provide you with excellent service to help you be effective in educating your students. Our program is designed to assist parents on all grade levels, kindergarten through 12th grade. Students who graduate from Faith Christian Academy’s homeschool will be awarded a diploma from FCA.

Additional educational services and on-campus classes (6th grade through 12th grade) are available for families desiring their students to participate in classes at the Academy. Students in our homeschool program have the opportunity to participate in the Academy’s extracurricular activities such as the sports program, the after school dance program, field trips planned for our on-campus students, elementary and secondary chapel, etc.  

Enrollment & Re-Enrollment

Please see the information below to begin registration for the 2022-2023 school year.

Application Steps & Checklist

Please read through the Application Steps & Application Checklist so that you are prepared to apply for the Homeschool Program

Program Overview & Application

Please read through the Program Overview & Financial Information. Then, complete the application at the link on the documents.

New On-Campus Option

This information is for our NEW Homeschool On-Campus Option only! Please read through the information and continue to apply.

Additional Resources

FCA Preschool

Faith Christian preschool offers a loving environment for infants starting at 6 weeks old.

On-Campus Admissions

Faith Christian Academy provides in-person schooling for students in grades K-12.

Student Support Services

Student Support Services provides support for students with a doctor’s diagnosis, IEP, or 504 plan.

Activities & Athletics for Homeschool Students

Athletic Program Application

Complete the application to participate in sports only with our homeschool program.

FHSAA Homeschool Verification

Complete the FHSAA Verification of Student Registration with Public School District Home Education Office

FHSAA Registration Form

Please complete the FHSAA Registration Form for Home Education Student

Sports Participation GPA Notice

This form is required for all Secondary students. It must be completed each semester to verify eligibility.

FHSAA Academic Progress Report

This form is required for all Middle & High School students. It must be completed each semester to verify eligibility.